The Strain is a fun social blog dedicated to the limitless cocktail culture, whilst also looking into local and international liquor in general. Stay tuned for reviews, tips, suggestions and recipes.
"The quality design of the final pour, the initiative for an interaction; a situation; a story."
- The definition of 'The Strain' 

Everybody fancies a good drink one way or another. Whether you're a wine fanatic or a fancy cocktail connoisseur, this blog aims to share knowledge, insights and updates on classic and contemporary beverages of the spirited nature.

We also experiment with and design unique drinks, using both traditional and uncommon ingredients. 

So who runs this blog?

He goes by the name of Bui, or B, who currently studies Industrial Design at UTS. One thing about designers is that they love their drinks, and Bui is no different. He is not a bartender, never claimed to be, just a cocktail enthusiast with the ongoing passion to learn more and more about the next round.

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